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Ireland ranks 12th in the world for its ability to attract, retain, train and educate skilled workers, according to a new survey ahead of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

The presence of large tech companies with a global reach such as SAP, Dropbox and Google in basing their European headquarters here led to Dublin being ranked 10th out of 46 capital cities for global talent competitiveness, ahead of cities including London, New York and Berlin.

We asked Kalil Kourouma about why he choose to relocate to Ireland and work @Dropbox 

Why Ireland? 

Three years ago, I did my BA in Dublin Business School and I had discussions with some friends who had relocated and were already working for tech-companies. Their work seemed to be “cool” and “attractive” so after that, I knew that I would be working in Dublin after I graduated.

Why Dropbox? 

My dad has been using Dropbox for many years and he has always been satisfied by the product. Before applying for the position, I did some research on the Internet, reached out some Dropboxers and three things always came up - great people, nice company to work for and amazing food! So I said why not Dropbox, and I don’t regret my choice!

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