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5 HR Strategies to Implement in 2020

Written by: Paul Howard
Published on: 24 Mar 2020

In the Final Part of ManpowerGroup Ireland's "What Workers Want" Report we look at how employers can benefit from the findings of the report and implement new strategies that will improve their business in 2020 and beyond. HR Assessment Data Model

What New HR Strategies Should Employers Implement in 2020?


1. Get Creative on Compensation

Pay matters but so does quality of life. Reward people well to help meet their needs wherever they are in their career journey.


2. Involve Employees in the Process

Provide staff with the insight they need to thrive. You will end up with a more motivated and satisfied workers.


3. Build a Culture of Learning

Give workers the challenge they crave and the support they need to grow and succeed.


4. Create Flexibility in Your Organisation

Wherever people are in their career life cycle flexibility drives well-being and productivity. Stay open minded and engage with employees individually.


5. Be Transparent on your Why's

Be authentic about the purposes for decision making. Make sure the organisation shows the meaning in your business mission and ensure leaders live it.



Now more than ever it is very important for Human Resource Managers tand business leaders o be aware of what workers are seeking and how companies can effectively address these needs in a way that the business itself will benefit.

At ManpowerGroup we have implemented these policies ourselves and have seen the benefits first-hand. We are confident your company will see the same positive returns from these actions.


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