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5 Tips to Become a Superstar Employee

Written by: Claudine Giles
Published on: 2 Apr 2020

Work with integrity.

One of the most sought after and hard to find traits is integrity. Doing the right thing even when there is pressure to take another road. Being an honest, trustworthy employee, whether people are looking or not. When you can offer your employer transparency in your work and actions it adds a great deal of value.

Have a contagious passion for the job.

Are you passionate about the work you do? Do you show it? To stand out you need to make sure that everyone around you sees that you are invested in your work whether it is making important decisions or cleaning the floor. Passion is contagious and gets attention. It is an example to all those around you, it is a leadership quality, and your management team will definitely take notice when it is obvious in everything you do.

Show reliability.

Being a reliable employee includes being on time every day and for your entire shift, but it also means so a lot more! Can your team count on you to help? Can your manager rely on you to get the work done or to finish a project? When you say you will do it, do you follow through?  Be the one everyone knows they can count on.

Bring confidence (your own and to others).

Be confident. It’s a positive trait but make sure to match it with a humble nature. Don’t be that person – the person who thinks they are better than everyone. When you are confident in your role you are more likely to offer suggestions that can have a big impact, e.g. take the lead on a project, or be the one that others look to for direction. A confident employee doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight to help build the confidence of others on your team.

Shine a positive light.

Nobody wants to be around someone who is constantly complaining. Real life has struggles; real jobs can have issues, too. But, there is no need to point them out all of the time. Be the person that everyone can count on to brighten their day. Smile often, keep your work positive and always support your company with a positive attitude.

You have more control over how people view you than you might think. Start implementing these 5 characteristics in your daily work life and set yourself up for success!