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Cybersecurity is the Top IT Staffing Priority for 2023

Written by: Paul Howard
Published on: 2 Mar 2023

Cybersecurity Professionals Are Highly Sought After for 2023

Unsurprising Cybersecurity is the number one priority for organisations in 2023 when it comes to prioritising new hire resources. This space has attracted much media attention due to the increasing volume of cyber attacks experienced by companies in Ireland and Globally (HSE, learning institutions and financial organisations being particularly targeted). As a result many organisations of all sizes and sectors have placed a much higher degree of scrutiny on their internal processes and protection capabilities. There has been an uptick in the number of direct job hires in this space to maintain and manage organisations cybersecurity requirements in house.

The impact of the cyber skills shortage on organisations is significant. Organisations that are unable to fill critical cyber security positions risk becoming vulnerable to cyber threats. The consequences of a cyber-attack can be devastating, including financial losses, reputational damage, legal issues, and loss of customer trust. Cyber security incidents can also lead to the loss of sensitive data, which can have severe consequences for the affected individuals and organisations.

The top priorities for IT staffing centre around utilising existing tech rather than developing new solutions, with Cybersecurity (34%) Technical Support (32%) and Customer Experience (31%) ranking as the top 3 priorities. Smaller businesses focus more on customer experience, prioritizing hiring for customer/user experience roles and customer relationship roles, whereas larger organisations prioritize cybersecurity. New IT hires are more likely to have the required technical capability but need upskilling in company culture and soft skills.

43% of organsations plan to increase their IT talent budgets in the next 12 months despite fears around recession and inflation. Large organisations are predicting bigger increases in their IT talent budget. Cyber security is a top priority for all organisation types worldwide. However, the cyber security skills shortage has long been a concern among cyber security professionals. With more and more cyber threats emerging every day, organisations must ensure they have the right personnel and resources in place to protect their assets.

At Experis we are seeing a significant rise in demand for cybersecurity staff, with candidates possessing the required technical skillsets in high demand. These candidates are hard to find in the marketplace and requires significant sourcing capabilities in order to match job requirements with candidate abilities. Download our latest insights into the IT Talent Market below and view our current Job Vacancies on our website or Reach Out to Us if you are considering hiring cybersecurity professions for your business.

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