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ManpowerGroup Ireland Q1 2024 Employment Report Now Available

Written by: Paul Howard
Published on: 15 Dec 2023

Frame Your Q1 Hiring Plans with the Latest ManpowerGroup Ireland Employment Outlook Report

The ManpowerGroup Ireland Q1 Employment Outlook Report has now been released. Some of the main findings to note include:

  • The IT sector hiring confidence experiencing a downturn ( -8%).

  • Very Large Companies (5,000+) are the most optimistic on hiring.

  • Dublin and the border counties are planning on hiring the most staff.

  • IT & Data and Engineering are the most sought after skillsets for 2024 that employers are seeking for their business.

  • However, 81% of employers in Ireland also reported difficulty finding skilled talent indicating a continued tight labour market.

  • ManpowerGroup Ireland advises employers change the way they look at applications, to focus more on skills & development than industry experience.

Download the Q1 2024 ManpowerGroup Ireland Employment Outlook Report

Businesses in the IT sector expect to let go more staff than they hire for the first time since 2020, according to the latest ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey. Hiring optimism in the tech sector has declined from +55% two years ago. This is in response to slower than expected growth and preparation for continued business stagnation in the New Year.

Other sectors remain in positive hiring territory. The Communication Services and Transport, Logistics, and Automotive sectors report a Net Employment Outlook of +48%, with the fast-growing Healthcare & Life Sciences sector following at +40% (see sector chart below). However, each of these sectors report facing record skills gaps, making optimistic hiring intentions difficult to turn into filled vacancies.

Download the Q1 2024 ManpowerGroup Ireland Employment Outlook Report

To tackle the ongoing talent shortage, ManpowerGroup Ireland advises businesses to re-evaluate how they approach job vacancies and focus more on skills-based hiring rather than solely on industry experience. We know from our conversations with candidates that they want flexibility, good work life balance, and meaningful professional development.

Businesses should look to hire candidates who have potential – based on a holistic view of past experience, aptitude, and transferable skills – and be ready to train and upskill the rest, building talent with the technical skills that businesses need and candidates are looking for.

Download the Q1 2024 ManpowerGroup Ireland Employment Outlook Report

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