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Significant Talent Shortage Challenges Evident in the Irish Labour Market

Written by: Paul Howard
Published on: 8 Oct 2021

ManpowerGroup Ireland's Q4 Employment Outlook Survey shows that 72% of employers are having difficulty hiring workers with the right skills, and 80% of employers who plan to increase their headcount in the next quarter are struggling. In Ireland in order to Attract and Retain Skilled Workers, organisation's are now implementing a range of staff based incentives including:

• Offering more flexible working schedules (41%)
• Training incentives (40%)
• Offering more flexible working locations (33%)
• Increasing staff wages (28%)
• Non-financial benefits (19%)

Overall large organisation's and sectors like finance & business services are better positioned to offer the most incentives to attract and retain staff.

Barriers to Upskilling for Irish organisations relating to staff development initiatives include:

• Money (22%)
• Time (18%)
• Access to the right Training Partners (13%)
• In organisation's decreasing their headcount, money is a much larger obstacle (28%)
• In organisation's increasing their headcount, time is a bigger obstacle (19%)