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The Total Workforce Index 2022 - Download The Results

Written by: Paul Howard
Published on: 6 Dec 2022

The 2022 ManpowerGroup Total Workforce Index Report Has Been Published​

​Companies across all industries and markets are facing intense competition for talent. In fact, ManpowerGroup’s 2022 Talent Shortage Survey, found that 75% of companies globally face talent shortages and difficulty hiring – a 16-year high.

Even as companies seek to mitigate the effects of this unprecedented labour market, they are also balancing inflation and wage pressure, changing demographics and geopolitical upheaval. For many, the pressure to find sustainable solutions has never been greater.

The Total Workforce Index(TWI) provides a vital edge in the race for talent, helping organisations to focus on short, medium and long-term investments labour markets with the most potential. Whether your organisation is looking to optimise its location strategy, define the right workforce mix or cultivate sustainable pools of skilled talent, the 2022 Total Workforce Index (TWI) sheds light on opportunities to engage workforces by evaluating more than 200 key factors that relate to the Workforce Availability, Cost Efficiency, Regulation and Productivity in more than 60 markets around the world.

Ireland ranks #1 in Europe under the 2022 analysis and #4th overall of the 60 regions studied highlighting Irelands efficiency and attractiveness as a Global business hub.

Download the 2022 Analysis – Just enter your details in our below form to learn more about the impact of the growing demand for remote talent and how the talent shortage is changing educational requirements.

The Total Workforce Index™ (TWI)is the only tool of its kind to assess the relative ease of sourcing, hiring and retaining both contingent and permanent workforce skills in competing labour markets around the world. Visit the Total Workforce Index website to explore further and access the Workforce Results and Market Profiles.

Just as the GDP of a market is used as an economic indicator, the Total Workforce Index™ can be used as an indicator of workforce potential. Total Workforce Index™ data provide important perspectives and insights that can influence both short- and long-term strategies involving workforce procurement.