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Too Long at One Employer

Published on: 2 Apr 2020

Staying at one employer for your entire career rarely happens anymore, but what about staying for only 1-2 years? Will you be seen as a serial job hopper or is that the new normal? What is the right amount of time to stay? The answer might be different for everyone. Here are a few points to ponder if you’re thinking it might be time:

Why Move? 

  • More money
  • More interesting work
  • Advancement opportunities
  • Higher position
  • Increased responsibilities
  • Build your network
  • You dread going to work
  • You’re being ignored

Why Stay?

  • Respect from company
  • Recognised as a company expert
  • Your strong reputation
  • Enjoyable work
  • Defined career path
  • Perks
  • Advancement potential
  • Company is on the rise

Clearly there are pros and cons for both staying and going. Ultimately, you have to decide if you want to stay or go. But either way, always make sure your CV is updated and ready to go. You never know what will happen next!

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