Choosing your references

References are used to help determine if you’re right for the job, so it's important to choose people who can speak knowledgeably about your professional and personal attributes.

Who should be your reference?

Your reference should be someone who knows you well and who you would be happy to answer these typical questions:

  • How would you describe [name]'s professional style?
  • What was [name]'s major contribution to the organisation?
  • Why did [name]'s leave your company?
  • What are [name]'s strengths? Weaknesses?
  • What transferable skills can [name]'s bring to this position?
  • What type of management style would best fit with [name]'s approach?

Commonly used referees

  • Your most recent/current employer
  • Long-time professional contact
  • Colleague
  • University/College tutor or lecturer