Welcome and introduction to Border Force

Paul Lincoln, Director General, Border ForceThe role of a Border Force Officer is central to maintaining the security and integrity of the UK border. It is also essential in promoting the national economy, through facilitating the legitimate movement of individuals and trade across the border.

Border Force expects the highest possible standards of professionalism and teamwork from its staff and adherence to its core values: Commitment; Discipline; Respect and Moral Courage. It requires its people to operate in sometimes difficult and pressurised environments and to make well balanced decisions. It selects through a stringent and robust recruitment process only those candidates who display those qualities.

For those who meet these demanding standards, it is a hugely rewarding and very satisfying career – and one that offers the opportunity for increasing responsibility and reward.

Paul Lincoln, Director General, Border Force

Who are we and what do we do?

Border Force is an operational command within the Home Office responsible for managing the UK border control by enforcing immigration and customs regulations. This is some of the most important and challenging work in Government as it both protects and enhances the UK economy.

Border Force has five operational regions: North, Central, Heathrow, South, and SE & Europe. The regions have responsibility for securing the border 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at the UK's ports, airports, postal depots and international rail network. This includes the Eurostar from Brussels and Paris to St Pancras International and the Eurotunnel from Coquelles to Cheriton. We have provided a map of our many locations and operational command in the Candidate Information Pack.

The regions’ varied work includes stopping 100 per cent of passengers arriving at ports or airports for immigration controls. Officers also conduct risk-led interceptions for controlled drugs, cash, tobacco, alcohol, firearms, offensive weapons, prohibited goods, counterfeit goods and clandestine entrants. We do this at passenger and freight controls, covering passengers travelling on foot, by car, coaches, freight vehicles, as well as air freight and sea containers.

Our postal depots (hubs) are a unique 'factory type' environment, where Border Force have specific functions including the raising duty and VAT on parcels entering the UK and targeting, examining and subsequent seizure of parcels containing prohibited or restricted items entering the UK.

Our strategic aim, vision and values

Our strategic aim is to secure the UK's border and promote national prosperity. Our vision is to create the best Border Force in the world by delivering five strategic objectives:

  • To deter and prevent individuals and goods from entering the UK that would harm the national interest;
  • To facilitate the legitimate movement of individuals and trade to and from the UK;
  • To protect and collect customs revenues from trade crossing the border;
  • To provide excellent service to customers and protect the vulnerable in need of our care;
  • To provide demonstrable effectiveness, efficiency and value for money.

Our values are hugely important in achieving our vision and are:

  • Commitment;
  • Discipline;
  • Respect;
  • Moral Courage.
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