Key information

What do we look for?

Key Information

We look for people who;

  • May wish to travel within the UK, Northern France, Belgium and the Netherlands;
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills;
  • Are flexible, adaptable and creative in solving problems and dealing with change;
  • Are able to successfully perform a range of multi-skilled duties;
  • Have a strong sense of personal ethics and honesty;
  • Enjoy dealing with colleagues, members of the public and external stakeholders;
  • Are able to confidently manage potentially difficult and challenging situations;
  • Can demonstrate sound interpersonal, communication and relationship building skills and thrive working as part of a team;
  • Have leadership potential or demonstrated leadership ability;
  • Think in an objective and analytical manner;
  • Are robust at enforcing UK law whilst maintaining professionalism and sensitivity.

What do Border Force Officers typically do?

Border Force Officers are engaged in a variety of exciting and flexible duties - from checking all passengers arriving by sea, air or rail for immigration control purposes to the detection and interception of prohibited goods (such as drugs, cash, tobacco, alcohol, firearms or counterfeit goods).

They do this at passenger and freight controls, controlling people and goods arriving by air, sea and rail; including the control of passengers arriving by foot, in cars and in coaches, and the screening of freight vehicles, air freight and sea containers.

They can also be deployed on other key tasks such as Radiological Nuclear Detection roles and support strategic objectives such as counter terrorism and human trafficking, which may require working across sites rather than at one location, as well as in a mobile capacity inland.

They are responsible for delivering a wide variety of tasks including;

  • Operating primary control points and making decisions to allow free movement or admit passengers;
  • Profiling people, goods and vehicles for border offences;
  • Conducting casework and interviews and detecting and assisting in the investigation of offences and attending court as a witness;
  • Supporting general aviation operations in airports and at private airfields;
  • Searching people and supervising arrested persons;
  • Assisting with the search of premises or vehicles;
  • Demonstrating the professional behaviours associated with a customer focused organisation.