Class 1 and 2 Drivers

Want to know more about working as a Calor Class 1 or Class 2 Driver via Manpower?

Class 1 or Class 2 Driver [square]We’ve put together some FAQs that will give you a better insight into where you’ll be working, what you’ll be doing and what you can expect in return.

Where are you based?
You’ll be working out of one of our local depots but driving around the local geographical area.

What does a Class 1 or 2 Driver do?
Our Drivers are responsible for providing a high quality service to the very best standards. They ensure every customer receives their deliveries in an effective, efficient, safe and professional manner while working in line with operational business plans.

What shifts are available?
Working hours vary and can include weekends and public holidays.

What are the benefits?
You’ll receive 28 days paid holiday (Pro Rata) and access to Manpower Rewards (Discounts on adventure days) and the MyPath upskilling programme.

I’m interested. What happens next?
To see full the full list of available roles click here.