About you

About you

As a Customer Service Advisor at the E.ON offices in Bedford you'll be:

This is a place where everyone supports each other, and lends a hand if a colleague needs some help. And you'll be sure to come to our daily meetings, and flag any issues as they arise too.

Customer centric
You'll have them at the heart of everything you do, even when your role isn't traditionally customer-facing. If the right thing to do is phone the customer to help them, you won't waver for a second.

You'll take the time to think through and unravel a customer's problem, investigating what's happened and what can be done to resolve it.

We'll steer you on how complete your day-to-day role, but if you face an issue or identify a better way of doing things, you won't hesitate to let us know.

Excellence focused
You won't just be following a process; you'll strive to add real value, by delivering great results and a quality service every day.