Roles and People

Here is an example of the types of role we recruit for and who we are looking to join our team. For the full list of job opportunities please review our jobs page.


Customer Service & Sales
This is an area buzzing with positive energy. It's one where people are dedicated to helping customers - and each other. If you love to help out others as much as we do, you'll fit right in.

E.ON has many different customer facing roles. We need people to talk to our customers on the phone, but also over email or social media. We need people to set up new accounts for customers who have just moved house, but also people to help existing customers who've fallen behind in their bills.

Wherever you join us, you can count on one thing. There will be plenty of scope to realise your career ambitions. We have a strong ethic of promoting from within, especially in our contact centres. Even if you don't necessarily want to move upwards, there will be plenty of opportunities to learn new things.

Engineering & Meter Operations
Life in the energy sector never stands still - and neither do we. Whether we're developing renewable technologies or simply finding new ways to deliver energy more efficiently, we're always pushing the boundaries of innovation.

That said, we never innovate simply for its own sake. Everything we do has to have a real benefit for our customers and the things that matter most to them - whether it's energy efficiency or protecting the environment. If you can help us achieve that, you'll have a bright future here.

There are lots of areas you can join us in too. We need people to maintain our power plants, but also people to install smart meters into people's homes. We need people to pioneer new technologies, but also people to take the lead on safety. The list goes on.