Why work with E.ON?

Job satisfaction
Everything we do is about helping customers. By providing them with energy, we warm their homes, light their offices, cook their food and so much more. From the contact centre to the power station, all our people are doing their bit to provide one of life's essentials.
Exciting environment
Energy is a fast moving sector that's constantly evolving. That means we have to evolve and adapt too. It makes for an exciting work environment. We won't ask you to do the same thing for your entire career. Instead, you'll constantly be challenged by new ways of working. As we move forward, you'll also develop new skills and experiences.
Career development
We take career development seriously. So if you're the ambitious type, there are plenty of opportunities to advance. You'll know which roles you can progress into, and what you'll need to do to get there. And if you fancy trying something new, we can accommodate that too. We're a large organisation with opportunities in everything from customer service and marketing, to engineering and technology, to finance and procurement – both here in the UK and overseas.
Worthwhile work
Providing reliable and affordable energy is one of the biggest challenges we face today. By joining E.ON, you'll be part of the solution. Every day all over the world, newspapers talk energy, politicians talk energy, scientists talk energy, and so do people on the street. No-one's wasting their time here. There's no more important place to be.