Where are the Roles Based?

Employment Tribunal Areas

For the purposes of this exercise, there will be recruitment into eight parts of Great Britain:

North EastNorth East
North WestNorth West
South EastSouth East
South WestSouth West

Anticipated roles by location

It is anticipated that there will be 340 people appointed as non-legal members across the employee panel and the employer panel, with the split by country/area and panel as detailed in the tables below. Please see below for details of the key locations.

Where are the roles based?
Scotland Employer Panel
Employee Panel


England Employer Panel Employee Panel
London 64 66
Midlands 20 9
North East 0 4
North West 19 15
South East 36 47
South West 4 4


Wales * Employer Panel
Employee Panel


* Welsh language
There are at least four roles in Wales (two on each panel) available for those who can hear cases involving spoken and written Welsh. These roles will be the subject to two further merit lists, one for each panel. If you wish to sit in Wales, you will be asked in your application form if you are able to conduct a hearing fully in Welsh. If you confirm that you can, your Welsh language ability will be tested through conversation either at or, following your interview.