Our Manchester Business Centre

In 2014 we opened our new UK based pan-European multi-lingual Centre for Dealer Credit & Wholesale Administration in Manchester and have recently moved our UK retail operations to this centre, consolidating our UK footprint. Our vision for the Manchester Business Centre is to drive harmonized, best practice processes and improve flexibility and cost efficiency, enabling us to provide a high quality, consistent service for our customers.

Our Business Centre provides a modern, professional & stimulating work environment, maximising the comfort, safety & wellbeing of our staff. Equipped with the latest technology we can optimise productivity and communications.

Located in the central location of First Street, the Business Centre is just a 10 minute walk to the heart of Manchester city centre, and benefits from excellent transport links (car park, rail, metrolink, bus, cycle facilities). First Street is a cultural quarter of the city, featuring HOME, a centre for international contemporary art, theatre and film, as well as a number of bars & restaurants and a convenience store, all on the doorstep of our office. First Street is also a hub for outdoor events and sport & leisure activities (e.g. Bootcamp fitness training). With further development planned, there will be much more to follow.