Working for us

We are looking for talented people, who are as passionate about our business and customers as we are, to join the team in the Manchester Business Centre. You probably want to understand some more about what we do in the business centre so here is an overview of some of the primary functions of the business in Manchester:

Dealer Credit

The Dealer Credit function assesses the financial viability of the Ford dealers across Ford Credit Europe and supports the dealer network with financial products to help stock vehicles for sale to the end users as well as providing other types of loans to support the dealerships business. Consequently, the work across these teams is very dynamic being driven by external Dealer & Fleet customer requirements, whilst working closely with Ford Motor Company to achieve corporate objectives. This is a pan-European operation and consequently there are opportunities for multi-lingual candidates.

Wholesale Operations

The Wholesale operation is responsible for the day to day management of the dealership's vehicles that are financed by Ford Credit along with any other finance facilities offered to the Ford dealers. The department is responsible for receiving payments from dealerships, handling queries and liaising where required with Ford Credit and Ford Motor company sales and administration teams. The goal is to deliver exceptional dealer service to become the dealer financier of choice for all vehicle related loans. As this is a pan-European operation, there are opportunities for multi-lingual candidates.

UK Retail Dealer Services

This function provides access to finance for UK customers to purchase a Ford motor vehicle. The department is responsible for assessing the credit worthiness of the retail and small business customers and subsequent establishment of the customer's contract. The work is dynamic, driven largely by UK dealer queries. The goal is to deliver exceptional levels of service to the Ford dealer network.

UK Retail Account Servicing and Collections

These 2 departments work very closely to deliver exceptional customer service to Ford Credit's customers. The account servicing department is responsible for providing first line support to customer enquiries, including payment queries, address changes, complaints etc. The Collections Department aims to assist customers who have overdue payments with a variety of solutions in a way that also supports our goal of exceptional and fair customer service.

Organisational Effectiveness & Support Team

The Organisational Effectiveness team provides the central support for all the Manchester Business operational functions, including the Learning and Development team, Process Review Specialists, Control and Compliance support and ad hoc building wide administration tasks.