HMRC competencies

Making effective decisions

Effectiveness in this area is about using sound judgement, evidence and knowledge to arrive at accurate, expert and professional decisions and advice. For all staff it’s about being careful and thoughtful about the use and protection of government and public information to ensure it is handled securely and with care. For leaders it’s about reaching evidence based strategies, evaluating options, impacts, risks and solutions and creating a secure culture around the handling of information. They will aim to maximise return while minimising risk and balancing a range of considerations to provide sustainable outcomes.

Collaborating and partnering

People skilled in this area are team players. At all levels, it requires working collaboratively, sharing information appropriately and building supportive,  trusting and professional relationships with colleagues and  a wide range of people within and outside the Civil Service, whilst having the confidence to challenge assumptions. For senior leaders, it’s about being approachable, delivering business objectives through creating an inclusive environment, welcoming challenge however uncomfortable.

Delivering at pace

Effectiveness in this area means focusing on delivering timely performance with energy and taking responsibility and accountability for quality outcomes. For all staff, it’s about working to agreed goals and activities and dealing with challenges in a responsive and constructive way. For leaders, it is about building a performance culture where staff are given space, authority and support to deliver outcomes. It’s also about keeping a firm focus on priorities and addressing performance issues resolutely, fairly and promptly.

Application of tax knowledge

Interprets and applies legislation appropriately and constructs arguments based on it. Identifies risks in different regimes and how they affect customer behaviour. Interprets complex legislation & holds persuasive arguments/discussions on relevant points of detail with accountants, solicitors, counsel and senior HMRC staff.

NOTE: For further information about the HMRC competencies, please refer to pages 17-19 of the candidate pack.