The future of HMRC

Like any good organisation, we need to continually adapt to the times we’re in. Our business priorities are to maximise the revenues we collect to pay for essential public services, improve the services we deliver to millions of customers and to do so whilst reducing costs. HMRC’s ambitious change programme - Building our Future - is shaping how we will transform over the coming years, and begins to set out what HMRC will be like in 2020 and beyond. As we build our future together, we are committed to including, involving and investing in our staff.  

Over the next 10 years HMRC will be reducing the number of its offices and will be located in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Belfast, Newcastle, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Croydon and Stratford.  

There will also be a small number of offices where we will retain some specialist roles in Dover, Worthing, Gartcosh (near Glasgow) and Telford, as well as our headquarters in central London. 

If you are recruited into an office that is not one of these locations, you will be expected to move to one in the future. 

Our future office locations

As a national organisation, HMRC will maintain a significant presence serving every English region, as well as Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Our 13 Regional Centres will be in:

Region City Planned to open in
East Midlands Nottingham 2020/21
London, South East and East of England Croydon 2017/18
London, South East and East of England Stratford 2019/20
North East Newcastle 2018/19
North West Liverpool 2018/19
North West Manchester 2019/20
South West Bristol 2017/18
West Midlands Birmingham 2019/20
Yorkshire and Humber Leeds 2019/20
Northern Ireland Belfast 2017/18
Scotland Edinburgh 2019/20
Scotland Glasgow 2019/20
Wales Cardiff 2019/20


We will also retain a scaled-back presence in our 100 Parliament Street, Westminster, headquarters, for people who genuinely need to be near to ministers. Those appointed to 100 Parliament Street in a ‘non-headquarters’ role, will be required to move to a regional centre. This is likely to be the Stratford regional centre.

As we move to our new regional centres we’ll be keeping a limited number of transitional sites. They will be existing HMRC offices that will remain open for up to 10 years – and in a small number of cases, potentially 12 years. These are:

Location of transitional site When we close offices in transitional sites we expect staff will move to a regional centre in
East Kibride Glasgow
Ipswich Stratford
Portsmouth Croydon
Reading Croydon
Washington Newcastle