Disability and the Guaranteed Interview Scheme

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  • The site was set up in September 2016 to support a specific recruitment exercise.
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Two TicksHMRC actively encourages applications from people with disabilities. If you require any support in making your application, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can arrange assistance. Within your application you will be asked if you are registered disabled and will be able to tell us about any support in:

  • Your application
  • The Online Assessments
  • If you are invited to interview
  • In the workplace if you are successful.

Guaranteed Interview Scheme

If you indicate that you have a disability as defined by the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, you will also be asked if you would like to apply under the Guaranteed Interview Scheme. This means that if you meet the minimum criteria for the campaign, we will guarantee you an invitation to interview. The criteria in this campaign would include:

  • Meeting the minimum score in the online assessments
  • Meeting the minimum score in the competency sift (score or 4 or more) in the 1st and 2nd lead competency
  • You will then be guaranteed an invitation to interview.

The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (and as amended in Northern Ireland) defines a disabled person as someone who has a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and adverse long-term effect on his or her ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities.  

Paper applications will only be considered if you have a disability that prevents you from applying online. If this is the case, please email 042R@hmrc.resourcing-support.co.uk as we would be delighted to provide support.