Recruitment process

Please Note:
  • This site is no longer operational.
  • The site was set up in September 2016 to support a specific recruitment exercise.
  • The site has not been updated and the information contained within is based upon the job advert in September 2016.
  • Please refer to the who to contact page if you would like contact details for HMRC Recruitment.

We have created a thorough selection process that has been designed with you in mind, so that you can apply simply and easily online, we can progress your application quickly whilst ensuring that each of you receives equal and fair treatment. 

Please find an overview of the application and selection process and the anticipated timelines below. Please click on each title below and it will direct you to the relevant section.

Apply Tests Shortlisting Interviews Offers

Further details on each stage have been outlined in detail below.


Your Online ApplicationStarting your application

Your application will be managed through an online automated process. Simply click on the Job or the Apply Now button on our web page and you will be able to apply for the roles from the 19th of September until Sunday the 2nd of October at 23:59.

You will first be asked to register your personal details. You will then be asked a series of questions as well as being required to make declarations to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and understand the role and key information from this pack. You will be presented with a list of statements to read and agree to. False declarations may result in your application being rejected or your later dismissal.

Next, you will be asked to detail your qualifications and at least three years employment history as well as other personal details. You will also be asked to provide examples of where you have demonstrated the key competencies we are looking for. Please refer to the Candidate Information Pack where we have provided details of the competencies and guidance on how to best prepare your application.



Online TestsWhat happens next? Online tests

After completing your application form you will receive an email to confirm the form has been submitted. If your application meets the key criteria for the role you will automatically be directed to two online assessments (tests). You can either complete these tests straight away or come back to complete the tests any time before the close date on Sunday the 2nd of October at 23.59.


Please Note: we strongly recommend that you take these tests before Friday the 30th of September as we will not be available to support you over the weekend. We are not able to accept late applications and this includes the completion of the online tests.


What to Expect

You will be asked to complete two separate tests: Verbal Reasoning and Numerical Reasoning. Each assessment takes around 10 minutes, we will detail the exact time you have available to complete the test when you are invited to complete it. You can take each test in separate sittings. There are sample questions available at the beginning of the test however there are NO practice tests, you will not be allowed to re-sit the test(s) so please ensure that you follow the instructions carefully.

InformationIMPORTANT NOTE: Please note, we may ask a random selection of applicants to re-sit the tests in controlled conditions as part of the interview. HMRC take any instances of cheating very seriously. If the test results achieved in your online assessments do not align to those when asked to re-sit the tests in controlled conditions, the results of your tests and your application will be investigated and may be subsequently withdrawn.

'Banked' Test Scores

If you have previously taken a similar test or have a banked test score for other assessments you will still need to complete these tests. If you have taken these two tests via ManpowerGroup Solutions in the last three months, your banked score will be applied to your application.

Two TicksRegistered Disabled

IIf you are registered disabled and require reasonable adjustments or support please contact us at your soonest convenience so that the appropriate support can be arranged.  You must provide details of any adjustments in your application form. If you need any assistance you must email us before starting the tests. 

Completing the test

  • Ensure you are in a quiet area before starting the assessment to avoid distraction and ensure you receive a fair and honest test score
  • Once you have started the assessment, you  cannot stop 
  • Only the highest scoring applicants will progress to the next stage of the selection process
  • We reserve the right to ask a selection of applicants to re-sit the test in controlled conditions to validate test scores if selected for interview, any variance in scores outside of accepted norms may result in your application being rejected.

InformationWe are sorry, due to the volume of applications, we will NOT be able to provide you with feedback on your online tests and this includes the scores.




ShortlistingWhat happens next? Shortlisting

The top scoring applicants from the online tests will progress through to the next stage of the selection process*. You will be notified of the outcome by email. 

If you are in the top scoring applicants we will place your application with our independent panel that will assess and score the competency statement(s) provided in your application. We expect to start reviewing the competency statements on Monday the 3rd of October and to provide you with an outcome within seven days. 

GiS: Any applicant who has applied under the Guaranteed Interview Scheme will be progressed to the next stage if the minimum score has been achieved. 

On hold: Dependent on the number of applications received in each location, we may also place applicants who meet the minimum score yet are not in the top scoring applications on hold. This means that dependent on the number of posts that may become available in each location you could be invited to progress your application at a later date, alternatively if further posts do not become available within three months we may not be able to progress your application at all and your application may be withdrawn.

Why are Competency statements so important?

You will be asked to provide examples of when you have demonstrated the first two competencies for this role in your application form and submit these by the 2nd of October at 23:59 when you apply. Applicants who best demonstrate and provide the strongest evidence the indicators of the competency will progress. 

  • Our independent assessor panel;
  • Will review your statement for ‘Making Effective Decisions’, which is the lead competency for these roles
  • Will NOT cross refer to any other part of your application, for example they will not be able to view or consider any personal details, your work history, education or any other information provided
  • Will only have access to the competency statement provided
  • Will not review any other statements or any other part of your application if you do not achieve a score of four or more (out of a possible seven) in the lead competency your application will not progress 
  • Will read and score your statement for ‘Leading and Communicating’ if you score a four or above in 'Making Effective Decisions’  

We are sorry however due to the volume of applications we will NOT be able to provide you with feedback on your statements and this includes the scores.

InformationPlease refer to the Candidate Information Pack where we have provided guidance, hints and tips on completing your competency statements, including the behavioural indicators we are seeking.



InterviewsWhat happens next? Interviews

The top scoring applicants who best demonstrate and evidence the behaviours, skills and experience for the lead competencies will progress to the next stage of the selection process, the interview*. Unsuccessful applicants and those not within the top scoring applicants will be notified via email. 

Dependent on the number of posts available and applications in each location, we may also place applicants who pass the shortlisting stage yet are not in the top scoring applications on hold, this means that dependent on the number of posts that become available you may or may not be invited to progress your application at a later date. 

*GiS: Any applicant who has applied under the Guaranteed Interview Scheme will be guaranteed an interview if the minimum score has been achieved. Please refer to page 13 for further information. 

If you are shortlisted to attend an interview we will send you an email and this will allow you to book a time and date (from a selection) online via our system. 

What to expect at Interview

  • You will need to allow yourself around two hours for the interview
  • We will firstly verify all of your documentation and identification 
  • You will then be interviewed by two people. Typically, the interview takes around 45 minutes to complete 
  • You will need to provide examples of your ability to perform all of the competencies for the role.



OffersWhat happens next? Offers

All applicants who are interviewed will be scored and ranked. Top-scoring applicants will receive confirmation via email that they have been successful. Subject to completion of the appropriate pre-employment checks, applicants will be presented with a Formal Offer. Applicants who have not met the standard will also be notified by email.

We may also offer successful applicants a place on the reserve list. This means that we may contact applicants who meet the standard at interview any time in the following three months and offer a post if and when they come available. 

InformationPlease Note: We will notify applicants in merit order by the first location preference detailed in your application. This means that applicants obtaining the highest scores by location preference at interview will be offered posts first. Please also note we may issue some provisional offers before the interviews have been finalised to top scoring applicants, therefore not all applicants may hear the outcome on the same day. 



ChecksWhat happens next? Checks

Successful candidates must pass the Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) clearance and will only be offered the position if they either hold HMRC clearance already or subsequently pass the clearance process. If you are recommended for appointment, we will make enquiries into your nationality, health and other matters, to ensure that you meet these criteria.

BPSS Criteria

The below checks are completed as part of our standard pre-employment checking process and include but are not limited to: 

  • Right to works checks 
  • Identity checks
  • References and employment history (you will be asked to supply references for any gaps in your application form)
  • You will be asked to complete a link for a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

Please follow this link for more information on BPSS:

We will also ask you to complete various forms such as medical and pension questionnaires; these do not form part of the checks yet are required before we can provide successful applicants with a formal offer.

If you are a Civil Servant working outside of HMRC (in another government department) you will be asked to provide proof our your identity and right to work, you would not complete the full BPSS process. If you work for HMRC today the above process will not apply.

Overview of the clearance process 

The documents you provide at your interview will be sent (securely) to our dedicated Pre- Employment Clearance Team. Our team will check that all of the required documents have been included to allow us to start your clearance process. If any documents are missing we will contact you.

Please Note: If a document is not presented at interview you may be asked to go back to a HMRC office quickly and re-present the document. If you are not able to present the document within a certain time period, we reserve the right to withdraw your application. 

Subject to us receiving all required documents, we will send you an email to the address provided in your application and this will ask you to confirm that you would like to accept the provisional offer. We will then send further emails to cover the pre-employment checking process.

Please ensure that you complete any requests as quickly as you can to help us speed up the process.  

Once we have received satisfactory responses to all of the enquiries detailed in the BPSS overview above, we will issue you with a formal offer of employment. Please do not hand your notice in until you have received a formal offer of employment.

We wish you the best with your application