What’s involved in training?

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  • The site was set up in September 2016 to support a specific recruitment exercise.
  • The site has not been updated and the information contained within is based upon the job advert in September 2016.
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HMRC will provide you with extensive training and support to enable you to provide high quality and hard hitting results. This includes the development of skills in problem solving, decision making and interviewing in addition to the technical and any tax professional knowledge.

The training route way includes a range of methods over the course of months including:


Professional development

We are committed to supporting all staff to develop their skills and knowledge at work providing a range of development opportunities from coaching and mentoring to stretch projects and opportunities. There is a requirement for all tax professionals to undertake a minimum of five days Continuous Professional Development each year.

Where will the training take place?

Typically your training will be held either in the location you have applied for or may involve occasional travel. Expenses will be paid to post holders who are required to travel or stay overnight at a different location to which they have been posted. Training is normally Monday to Friday and courses are run on a full time basis. 

InformationPlease Note:

  • Our training policies are currently under review, we are also piloting some new training courses and provisions.
  • This role requires a significant commitment on your part to training and development
  • All aspects of this training and mentoring programme are tested and failure to pass may be deemed as poor performance.  Failure to successfully complete the learning products may result in your appointment to the role being brought to an end.