Our recruitment process

We hope that you have found the information provided so far interesting and are considering applying for an Apprenticeship with us. On the following pages we have provided details of our recruitment process. This process has been designed to select the best applicants, using digital methods and new ways of working. Please read this section carefully, it contains lots of useful information and hints and tips that will help you in your application.

Disability Confident EmployerWe incorporate equality into our core objectives, making every effort to eliminate discrimination, create equal opportunities and develop good working relationships between different people.

We actively encourage applications from people with disabilities. If you would like any support or assistance please email us as soon as possible as we would be delighted to help. You can also tell us about any support or adjustments in your application form, we would be pleased to provide support and adjustments to help you in:

  • Completing your application
  • Your online tests
  • Your written assessment (statement)
  • Your video interview
  • The workplace, if successful.

How will we select the best applicants?

Our approach to recruitment looks at not only what you are good at, your competencies, but also what you naturally enjoy and are motivated by - your strengths.

We don't expect you to be ‘job ready' on day 1 as you will receive structured support and training to gradually increase your skills and responsibilities in your role. You may have many years experience behind you or this could be your first job. This apprenticeship provides you with a great opportunity to develop and learn many new skills; we just want to know that that there is a good fit between you and the Home Office.

Whilst we are interested in what you have done in the past we also want to understand what you enjoy doing, your natural motivation. We are looking for applicants who can demonstrate potential as well as the key strengths needed to be successful in operational delivery.

What do we mean by strengths?

Something that you are good at and find energising is a strength. Our recruitment process will help us to understand what you enjoy doing - your natural motivation. We will explore your strengths to see what you're naturally capable of and motivated towards doing. We are interested in your potential.

How we select the best applicants - Strengths


Key timelines and application process

Key timelines and application process


How to get started

Application process - Stage 1Your application will be managed online. Simply click on the Our Jobs page or the Apply Now button/s on our web page and you will be able to apply for the roles from the 23rd of July until the 6th of August 23:59. You can complete your application form using a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

You will need to create an account and tell us some basic information about yourself. You will then be asked a series of questions to ask you to confirm that you are eligible and that you understand some of the most important information from this pack. You will need your employment and address history for five years, national insurance number and passport number.

Important Note
  • If you are disabled please visit the Disability and Guaranteed Interview page where we have provided lots of information about how we we can support you
  • You can complete your application form using a mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop however we suggest that you complete the online tests using a desktop
  • You will only be able to apply once; if you submit additional applications they will be rejected
  • If you make a mistake in your application please contact us. DO NOT attempt to apply again using a different email address as we will reject any additional applications
  • You will be asked a series of questions to ask you to confirm that you are eligible and understand some of the most important information from this pack. False declarations may result in your application being rejected or your later dismissal
  • You will need to have your passport number and will be asked to tell us about your five year history, either in employment or education
  • You can complete your application form in sections, save and return at any time before the closing date. Once you press Continue at the bottom of each page you CANNOT go back and amend the section; only press Continue on each page if you do not want to make any further changes
  • If you make a mistake in your application please contact us, do NOT attempt to apply again as we will reject duplicate application/s.


Your online tests

Application process - Stage 2After completing the application form, If you have confirmed that you meet the essential criteria for this job, you will automatically be directed to the online tests. You can either complete these tests straight away or come back to them at any time before 23:59 on the 6th of August.

We will detail the exact time you have available to complete the test when you are invited to complete it. There are four tests and you should allow yourself around 40 minutes for all four tests. There are sample questions available at the beginning of the test however there are NO practice tests, you will NOT be allowed to re-sit the test(s) so please ensure that you follow the instructions carefully. Further information is provided in Annex D page 27 of the Candidate Information Pack.

Important Note
Please read the Candidate Information Pack where we have provided lots more information on the online tests, it is really important that you read this BEFORE you take the tests.


Your aspirations statement

Application process - Stage 3In your application form you will be asked to write a 250 word personal statement. It is really important that you take your time to read this pack and carefully consider your statement. You must score well to progress to the next stage and your score will be based on the statement you have provided, no other part of your application will be considered.

In your statement please tell us what has inspired you to apply for this role, why you are interested in joining our team and what strengths you have that will make you successful in this role. We would like to understand your aspirations in your own words, however you may want to think about the questions below when writing your statement:

  • Why would you like to be an Apprentice?
  • Why do you want to work for UKVI?
  • What aspects of the role interest you and why?
  • Why are you suited to this job? For example your strengths, skills , potential and values?
Important Note
Please read the Candidate Information Pack where we have provided lots more information on this part of our recruitment process and why your statement is so important.


What happens next? Video Interview

Application process - Stage 4If you pass the online tests and the aspirations statement we will invite you to complete a video interview.

We have chosen to use video interviews in place of face to face interviews as:

  • You will not incur any travel costs and will not need time to take time off work or studies to complete your interview
  • You can do the interview in your own time in a relaxed environment that suits you and when you feel best prepared
  • You will be provided with thinking time after each question
  • All applicants will receive exactly the same interview in exactly the same format.

Please don't worry if you have not done a video interview before, it is really simple.

Important Note
Please read the Candidate Information Pack where we have provided lots more information.


Security clearance and start dates

Application process - Stage 5If you complete a video interview this will be scored and ranked. If you are a top scoring applicant you will receive confirmation via email of your employment offer (a recommendation), subject to completion of the appropriate pre-employment checks. If you do not pass the interview we will also inform you via email.

Reserve List: If we have more successful applications than jobs, we may place some applicants on the reserve list for up to twelve months to see if any further posts become available. This list is managed in strict merit order by location applied for, which means that applicants who score highest at video interview will be offered a job first by chosen location.

Important Note
If you are successful, you must pass security clearance (CTC Level) and will only be offered the position if you either hold Home Office CTC level clearance already or you subsequently pass the clearance process.

If you are recommended for appointment, we will make enquiries into your nationality, health and other matters, to ensure that you qualify for appointment. We will NOT be able to provide you with feedback at any stage of the application or recruitment process including during your pre-employment checks.


Open Days

Open daysIf you are recommended for appointment (issued a provisional offer) we will invite you to come and meet with us at one of our UKVI offices and provide us with the documents that we require to process your checks and you will also be able to meet the team.

You will need to bring the documents we have detailed in the Candidate Information Pack, Annex A on page 24 onwards. We will send you a reminder at the time via email together with details of where to go, dates and times.

The documents you provide will be sent (securely) to our dedicated Pre-Employment Clearance Team at Government Recruitment Service (GRS) who will verify your documents and undertake your pre-employment checks.

At this time we cannot provide the exact dates and the format for these open days / sessions however we will provide as much notice as we can and will provide full details to successful applicants.


Overview of the clearance process

To progress your application we will need to carry out a pre-employment check. All posts require security checking, we have provided further information in the Candidate Information Pack , Annex A. Once GRS have received satisfactory responses to all of their checks, they will issue you with a formal offer of employment. Please do NOT hand your notice in until you have received this formal offer of employment.

Important Note
Please note: it can take some time to complete pre-employment checks. It is likely that if successful you would not start until at least October onwards and for some applicants it could be in early 2019.