Applying for more than one job?

As part of this campaign, we are recruiting at different grades and also across a range of shift patterns. Should you wish to apply for more than one of these grades, you should review the important information below.

Applying for both the AO and the EO role:

  • Should you wish to apply for both the AO and the EO roles, you should consider the essential criteria requirements for each role;
  • If you decide to apply for both, you are only required to complete one application and one set of online tests as the application process for both roles is the same;
  • Different benchmarks will be applied for the AO and EO grades, and potentially across different shift patterns dependent on the volume of shortlisted applications;
  • As part of your application, you will be asked to detail your shift preferences in preference order;
  • Your online test and telephone interview scores will be applied to your application across any grades or preferences;
  • If you are invited to a face to face interview, you will only be required to attend one interview; your interview scores will then be applied to the merit lists for both the AO and the EO roles and/or across the differing shift patterns;
  • At all stages of the recruitment process, shortlisting will be managed in strict merit order. It is important to note that your application may appear on multiple shortlists and potentially if you are successful at interview, merit lists;
  • As your application could appear on multiple merit lists, it is possible that your application may be shortlisted and/or recommended or reserved for the AO role but not the EO role or for one shift and not another, dependent on where your score is in each list. This means that you may appear in a different place in the merit list dependent on your scores.

Applying for the HEO role:

  • Should you wish to apply for the HEO role, this would require a separate application to any made for the AO and/or EO role;
  • As with the AO and EO application, you will be asked to detail your shift preferences.
Important Note
Important Note: Should your application be successful for either the AO, EO or HEO role, we will try our best to accommodate shift preferences, however this cannot be guaranteed and you may be offered a post / shift pattern that isn't your first preference.