The recruitment process

Please find below the key stages of the recruitment process and the anticipated timelines:

Customer Service Agents
Admin Officer and Executive Officer Grades

Admin Officer and Executive Officer Grades

Customer Service Team Leaders - Higher Executive Officer Grade (HEO)

Higher Executive Officer Grade

Important Note
Please refer to the Candidate Information Pack where we have provided lots of information on the stages above including hints and tips on your application.


It is important that you read and understand the Candidate Information Pack and our supporting information pack. Some of the important information about our recruitment process includes, but is not limited to, the important notes below:

  • If you do not complete your online application and tests, be available for interview or provide your documentation during the required timeframes, we may withdraw your application;
  • We may have to change our timelines or process during the campaign due to unforeseen circumstances;
  • We may progress applicants in merit order; meaning that some shortlisted applicants may progress at later dates. We may also place your application on hold for up to six months if you are not in the top scoring applications. Candidates that apply under the guaranteed interview scheme will progress if the minimum standards are met, please see Annex B for further information;
  • If we have more successful applicants at interview than we have jobs, we may place you onto a reserve list for up to 12 months. We will offer applicants post in strict merit order. This means that the highest scoring applicants will be offered jobs first;
  • We will be running a series of training courses, and start dates will allow for candidates to complete security clearance and provide any notice required. If you are successful, it can take some time for security clearances to be completed.

What's involved in the training?

We will provide you with extensive training and support so that you have an understanding of the customer journey and are able to provide exceptional customer service.

We are committed to supporting everyone to develop their skills and knowledge at work providing a range of development opportunities including coaching, mentoring and projects. Training will include some online modules, classroom training and mentoring in the workplace.

What's involved in the training?

Typically your training will be held in the Capital Building but it may involve travel. Expenses will be paid if you are required to travel or stay overnight at a different location. Training will include but is not limited to;

  • Customer service and the 'once and done' approach to customer resolution;
  • Operational excellence and improvement approaches;
  • Leadership and personal effectiveness;
  • Casework policies and processes.
Important Note
Please Note:
  • These roles require a lengthy training process which must be passed before you are able to undertake the duties of the role;
  • These roles require a significant commitment on your part to training and development;
  • There will be set delivery targets and performance will be monitored and managed.