About the Home Office

The Home Office is one of the original great Departments of State and has one of the most challenging jobs in government. Its mission is fundamentally important: to keep Britain’s streets safe and its borders secure. Each and every member of the Home Office plays a part in making that happen. The challenges the Department faces are significant and can change rapidly in the global environment in which we operate. This makes it one of the most exciting and stimulating Departments to work in.

Over the next three years, the Home Office will face a significant challenge: to ensure that the services which keep the UK safe and secure are able to meet new demands and be more effective with significantly less money. We have achieved significant progress in making the business consistently competent. We now need to implement transformational changes, building on that foundation.

There are four themes which define our transformation:

  • People – fewer, more expert, with more flexible deployment
  • Data – better quality and easier access
  • Digital – taking advantage of existing opportunities and creating new ones
  • Managing demand – working with partners to reduce demand on taxpayer funded services across the system

However, there are significant opportunities for the HR function to genuinely continue to partner with the business at all levels to drive and deliver ongoing large scale change


Our Values


We have a value chain approach to HR in the Home Office with our business partner teams at the frontline directly partnering business leaders and teams; HR expert partnering teams support the business partner teams by developing and advising on HR policies, procedures and processes to be implemented and embedded through the business partner teams; our expert partnering teams have integral links with our outsourced partners across the civil service. 

We pride ourselves on being an organisation that values diverse talent and focuses on creating an inclusive culture that allow colleagues to give of their best.  Running through all of our work are the three golden threads of inclusion, engagement and wellbeing - supporting our colleagues to feel valued and be motivated, happy and healthy in their work.