An overview of the role

You would form part of an Immigration Compliance and Enforcement Team (ICE). ICE teams support part of the Home Office' strategic aim to reduce the number of illegal migrants present in the UK and to work with partners, employers and the public to increase compliance with Immigration and employment rules.

Successful candidates will undertake a range of activities which support the detection, apprehension and removal of immigration offenders. You would be responsible for delivering of a wide variety of tasks (as detailed in full within the Candidate Information Pack), some of these include:

  • Working as part of a team to detect, apprehend and remove persons unlawfully present in the UK and carrying out enforcement operations
  • Driving an arrest van and other official vehicles, transporting offenders
  • Searching property or persons, collecting, preserving and recording evidence and closely examining documents such as identity documents
  • Arresting and detaining immigration offenders sometimes using official personal safety training techniques, this can include forced entry and handling dangerous objects
  • Attend police stations, prisons, detention centers, conducting Police and Criminal Evidence interviews with suspected offenders
  • Serving enforcement and immigration papers, writing reports , ensuring timely, accurate and concise administration and system updates
  • Obtaining and executing of warrants
  • Close examination of documents.

You will be required to work outdoors in all weather conditions; you will visit commercial and residential dwellings of which some environments may be difficult. Immigration Officers will deal with the full range of offenders which includes employers, children and vulnerable adults from both European and non-European countries.

Important Information to consider

Working Hours and Patterns
We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year and you would be required to work flexibly and operate over a 24/7 shift rota, this can include:

  • Night shifts
  • Early morning starts, for example before 6 am
  • Late night finishes, for example some shifts end after midnight
  • Weekends and public holidays
  • Shifts vary in length and can be up to 12 hours
  • Shifts that change according to business need.

Please consider carefully that you are able to work on this basis before applying. We have provided further information within the Candidate Information Pack.

In this role you would start as an Assistant Immigration Officer (AIO) with a starting salary of £24,336 + AHW (Annualised Hours Working). Following completion of the pathway training you will progress to an Immigration Officer with salary rising to £26,866 + AHW.

Please refer to the Candidate Information Pack for further detail on AHW.

Start Dates
We are advertising for anticipated vacancies, some of these are expected to start in the Winter of 2016 yet posts may not be available immediately or even at all. Where we are not in a position to offer posts, we may place candidates (who meet the standard), on reserve lists for up to 12 months.

Please note: Please refer to the Candidate Information Pack for further detail on the role.