Are you eligible?

Are you eligible to apply for a role?

To be eligible for the role you must:

  • Be a UK National
  • Be at least 18 years old at the time of application
  • Meet the qualifications or experience criteria, as detailed below
  • Hold a full and valid passport which you MUST present at interview
  • Hold a full UK Driving Licence (manual) which you MUST present at interview
  • Be able to provide all of the documents we need to complete your pre-employment screening and security clearance - clearance to SC level which normally means you must have been resident in the UK for at least five years

Further key requirements

Below are some of the key essential criteria and aspects of the role that you need to consider before applying:

  • In this role you would need to be emotionally resilient; Immigration Enforcement operations can be upsetting and traumatic with work being carried out in challenging environments
  • You would need to work a range of shifts including weekends and bank holidays. Shifts can start very early in the morning and also include very late finish times at night
  • In order to meet the job description you need to be physically fit; the role is physically demanding and requires a high level of mobility to meet changing demands
  • You must either hold the required qualifications and/or experience detailed in the 'Are you Eligible' tab of this website or within the Candidate Information Pack

Qualifications or Experience - Essential Criteria

You must be able to demonstrate and provide evidence that you meet at least ONE of the below criteria.

Qualifications and Experience
Qualifications and Experience

Option 1 - Higher Level Qualifications

You must have been awarded qualifications that are at least the equivalent of two A Levels Grade A-E (or above). For example, this could be two A-Levels or it could include other qualifications that are considered to be at least the equivalent of two A levels such as a Degree, higher lever NVQ's or other qualifications at this level such as a BTEC. If you would like help determining if your qualifications meet this criteria please see the section below for further information.

Relevant Experience and Qualifications
Option 2 - Relevant Experience and Qualifications

You must have been awarded qualifications that are the equivalent of five GCSE's Grades A-C and you must also be able to evidence that you have a year or more experience in one of the below professions:
  • Police - a fully attested Office, Special or PCSO
  • HM Prison Service - Officer
  • British Armed Forces - Have served in the armed forces (please note this does not include non-military personnel)
  • Immigration Officers.

Please Note: If you are currently a Civil Servant you will also need to demonstrate that you meet one of the above criteria.

Further information / guidance on the above criteria
If you need any help determining if your qualifications are at least the equivalent of 2 A Levels (A-E) or 5 GCSEs (A-C) please visit or speak to your local careers service.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We have provided further information in the Candidate Information Pack regarding all of the eligibility criteria above, please ensure you read this information before you apply or contact us with any queries.