Diversity & Inclusion

Inclusion is at the heart of everything we do.

We’ve got ambitious plans and if we want to lead the way in energy delivery, we need the right people to help us get there. Attracting and retaining diverse talent is critical to ensuring our continued success.

We're innovating for a brighter future for our network, and we need the diversity of thought and experience that will help us to continue to fuel innovation and to deliver value to our colleagues, customers and communities.

Diversity & Inclusion

Every day, we provide services to millions of customers, and we believe our workforce should reflect the full range of backgrounds and experiences in the communities we're so proud to serve. It makes for a richer colleague and customer experience.

It's important to us that our people feel welcome, valued, and encouraged to deliver their best day after day so we'll celebrate diversity and promote inclusion because different people, with different perspectives, make SGN a better business.

What does it mean for me?

At SGN, we’re dedicated to keeping our customers safe and warm by leading the way in energy delivery. We’re not just dedicated to our customers’ wellbeing; we want employees to have a great experience working with us too. All our employees deserve to feel valued and supported, as well as safe – both physically and psychologically.

Right across the business, we want all our people to have the confidence to be who they are and give their best. Feeling this way comes from everyone understanding what makes people different and valuing the benefits that diversity brings. It also comes from being aware of the impact we have on the people around us.

That’s why equality, diversity and inclusion are priorities for us.

When we talk about equality, we’re talking about making sure everyone has a fair and equal chance to access opportunities and make the most of their unique set of skills and talents.

When we talk about diversity, we’re talking about everything that makes us unique. After all, everyone’s different. Each of us brings an individual blend of backgrounds, circumstances and experiences.

When we talk about inclusion, we’re talking about the behaviour that means people are involved, valued, and respected. Inclusion gives everyone a fair shot at opportunities and removes the barriers that might have previously been in their way. It means all of us are able to contribute towards our common goals.