Sam - Finance Administrator
"Since joining the Company in 2013, I have had the opportunity to work as part of the additional core activities team which opened up new opportunities for me to help the student and enhance my knowledge of the Company. The additional employee benefits such as flexi-time give me the opportunity to balance my work and social life alongside my volunteering work".

Dave - Operations Manager
"Having worked for SLC since 2008, I have found it a very rewarding place to work, knowing we are making a difference to the lives of so many students. Having started as an assessor it has been good to see the career progression open to staff and seeing the difference you can make within the Company".

Chathurika - Quality Assurance Team
"I was employed by Manpower in 2014 and they supported and looked after me throughout my temporary contract. The Manpower team were very friendly, helpful, easy to contact and trustworthy. After four months of hard work I was offered a fixed term contract and within six months I was successful in achieving a permanent position. SLC provide plenty of opportunities for career progression. SLC is one of the best places to work and you get recognition for your dedication, commitment and hard work".

Ann - Development Team Manager
"I started on a temporary contract with Manpower in 2012, initially working as an administration assistant. After successfully completing my probation, I was given a fixed term contract. I then progressed further and obtained a permanent contract in 2014. During my time with SLC, I have enjoyed working in many job roles and I was selected for the development team manager training scheme. This has allowed me the opportunity to manage a team whilst working through an in-depth development programme which will enable me to become proficient in all aspects of management. At the end of the six month programme, I will graduate from the scheme and will then be in a position to apply for a permanent team manager position within the Company".