Business Graduate Career Programme

We are entering our most ambitious growth plan and now is the perfect time to join us on our Business Graduate Careers Programme and be a pivotal part of our future and journey.

Our Business Graduate Career Programme enables you to work on a six-month rotational basis within our People Services; Finance; Procurement; Commercial; Marketing and Quality departments.

Business Graduate

To ensure your support and growth throughout the programme, you will be partnered with a mentor from one of our Strategic or Tactical tiers. You will meet monthly to discuss your development; receive guidance and support to fine tune your skills and give you the confidence you need to excel in your role and in your development. You will also be encouraged to give your feedback and views of the Business Graduate Career Programme along the way.

During your rotation you may be afforded the opportunity to support with an exciting X-Business Project. These significant projects will broaden your horizons and networking opportunities, giving you the opportunity to elevate your personal profile.

At the end of each two to six-month placement, you will have the opportunity to present an overview of your learnings to the First Line Management Team and share the new skills and knowledge you gained from any optional projects you may have contributed towards.

At the end of your two-year Programme, you will have the opportunity to apply for a permanent role with us and put your newly found skills into immediate use.

Whichever specialism you decide is for you, we will support you every step of the way.

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Don’t just take our word for it – we asked Kay Jarvis – Human Resources Director all things about her role, and what it is like to work for Tevva.

When the opportunity to join Tevva came along, Kay was in a position where she wanted to better align who she is as an individual with where she was professionally. She was particularly attracted to Tevva, sold on both COO Peter Domeney’s vision for the company, and CEO Asher Bennett’s passion for the technology and impact on the environment when she heard that they were developing and bringing to market a product solution for green freight.

Kay [square]Kay said: "What really sold me was the fact that this technology, if we do it right and get it to market, is going to make an impact to our world."

As the Human Resources Director, Kay has a lot of exposure to the works closely with the leadership and is thrilled with how the dynamic of that team has developed in a relatively short amount of time. Describing the work environment and team members as humble, driven, and exciting, "I wake up every day, and I genuinely enjoy what I am doing… being a part of Tevva; it’s a fantastic place to be and we have a fantastic team because we all want Tevva to succeed."

"What’s exciting to me now is that the team that is being formed and the leadership journey we are going on means we are able to create something very special," she describes. "Our goal seems more tangible now, and the reason is that we are all coming together as a team to achieve it, we’re starting to get a collective understanding of where Tevva needs to be, what we need to be doing now and how we need to move forward."

When trying to sum up what sort of a place Tevva is to work; no ego, fair, fun, diverse, courageous - these are the words that come to the fore - but Kay is keen to underline the truth - that you can’t contrive them or buy them, they have to genuinely exist, and in Tevva they genuinely do!