Changing career

Career change 2Are you looking to change the direction of your career? It can be a difficult task that takes discipline, perseverance and a willingness to take a chance. Normal rules do not apply and in order to get noticed during the recruitment process you have to be creative. 

With relevant experience a prerequisite for the majority of job openings, the standard chronological CV is not sufficient to demonstrate your transferability into a new career. Hiring Managers, only take 30-90 seconds to review any CV and will notice that you have not worked in the area of their focus and immediately move on.

A functional CV however, is a skills-based CV format. This format is perfect if you are looking for a career change. It is built around your transferable skills and experience rather than job titles and companies. 

Functional CV's can include the following sections:

  •     Contact details
  •     Profile statement
  •     Functional headings (with selected achievements)
  •     List of professional experience
  •     Education 
  •     Professional development (training, certifications, licenses)
  •    Optional information

While the right CV format is important, ensuring you have done your homework on your chosen career path is vital. You need to understand the critical skills and competencies associated with potential opportunities. Then, compare these against your skills and experience to assess your fit and identify what additional skills, training or even education you may need to make a successful transition. 

For more information on functional CV’s or if you have questions on changing careers please contact a member of the Manpower team today at [email protected]