Using social media in your job search

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Develop a professional presence

Do you know what people find when they Google you? Look at the results from the perspective of a prospective employer. Do they present the image that you would like? Ensure that you have set up a profile on LinkedIn and consider adding professional details and photographs to your Google and Twitter profiles.

Fill your profiles with keywords

All of your relevant social media profiles should include keywords that a recruiter or hiring manager might type into a search engine to find a candidate like you.

Use LinkedIn to find your career path

Not yet sure what career is right for you? Looking at other people's profiles on LinkedIn might help you to envisage your future career.

Tweet and follow

Twitter is a noteworthy tool to research and connect with recruiters and potential employers. A lot of companies and agencies tweet out their job postings so it might be worthwhile following them. 


One of the best ways to maintain a strong professional network is to support other people by sharing helpful information like articles and YouTube videos. A small, helpful gesture like forwarding a link is a great form of networking.


A good way to demonstrate your knowledge and passion to a potential employer is to start blogging. You can write about career interests, activities or anything else. You might just catch the eye of a reader who is hiring.

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