Why Manpower Ireland

We have a presence across Ireland, recruiting for everyone, from small enterprises to multinational organisations. Every day, thousands of people go to work because of us and hundreds of companies thrive because of the people we find them.


What Makes Us different?

  • We're better at accessing talent.
  • We're better at assessing, on-boarding, training and managing candidates.
  • We're better at matching the right individual to the job.
  • Because of what we do, you're better able to achieve the business results you need. 


Manpower Provide Better Access

With 3,500 locations in over 80 countries and territories worldwide; we combine an unparalleled global reach with on-the-ground knowledge of local jobs markets. We proactively recruit from a broad range of sourcing channels, and continuously screen and assess candidates nationwide. And with an extensive talent pool of registered and pre-screened candidates at our finger tips, we have access to in-demand talent who can step in and contribute to your business right away.

More and more people are using digital technologies to communicate and collaborate, so it’s no surprise that the habits of jobseekers are changing. At Manpower, we strategically apply digital technologies to identify and engage with the candidates you need, whether they’re actively looking for a new job or passively open to a new opportunity. From targeted email campaigns to paid search; and from geo-targeted advertising to managing your employee value proposition, we have all the tools you need to attract and retain talent in the digital age. 

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Manpower Have Better Skills

The skills required in today's world of work are changing faster than ever. At Manpower, making sure our candidates have the skills they need to power your business from day one is our top priority. All our candidates can hone their skills and abilities through our training and development centre, which gives them access to over 4,000 courses. We know it's vital your team has the right skills to do the job in hand, and we've been exploring the implications of the key skills shortage for years. 


Manpower Provide a Better Match

We delve deeply into each assignment, getting to know your company, your business objectives, and talent requirements. We then use our proven assessment methods to pinpoint an individual’s abilities and personal attributes, so we can find the perfect match for your needs.

By using ROMA, our flexible candidate screening, assessment and management system, as part the recruitment process for a leading telecommunications provider, we reduced their “no shows” to site by 54%, reduced attrition by 20% and increased productivity by 9%. ROMA tests each applicant’s ability, aptitude, personality and skills, ranking them against the job’s core competency requirements and incorporating your own assessments where necessary.

Evaluate is our online assessment tool that profiles each candidate’s personality, and measures their abilities across a range of key requirements - assessing key skills like literacy and numeracy, to measuring a potential candidates ability to listen and enter data simultaneously.

And for jobs in production, assembly and logistics, we use Ultradex. Unique to Manpower, Ultradex measures each candidate’s general dexterity, attention to detail and ability to follow oral and written instructions – key attributes for industrial roles.


Manpower Achieve Better Results

To stay ahead in the increasingly complex world of work, your recruitment strategies need to fully support your business and workforce needs. That's what we do every day - find and recruit the people you need, while increasing your productivity, improving efficiency and boosting your bottom line. Testament to the great service we deliver are the hundreds of employers we partner with each year; the individuals we recruit for permanent job openings; and the thousands people we place on temporary assignments.

We take the time to listen to your unique workforce requirements, and then work closely with you to achieve the results you need - and uncover opportunities for increased efficiency that you may not even have seen. We conduct research into workplace trends, talent management and career development.

More than theoretical whitepapers, our insights have real-world meaning; and that's why the ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey, Total Workforce Insights, What Workers Want and  Skills Revolution Reports are used as key economic indicator by organisations across Ireland. Read further Workforce Insights Here



Providing You With The Workforce You Need

So whether your needs are small or large, we can help you find the workforce solution you need. When you succeed, we succeed, and we believe strong partnerships are critical to make this happen. We will develop a keen understanding of your business, your specific goals and your talent-related needs. Fill in the Enquiry Form below and one of our team will be in touch. 


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