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The number of practising solicitors in Ireland increased by 34% from 2005 to 2020. Despite the well-publicised difficulties in the profession during the recession, the numbers of practising solicitors have been increasing out of line with population growth

From 2015 to 2020 the market is seeing noteworthy growth in the large commercial firms. This appears to be matched by falling numbers of smaller practices that tend to service the non-corporate legal consumer as demand for the corporate solicitor and commercial property solicitors increased significantly in recent years and looks set to continue.

According to figures from The Law Society of Ireland the largest 15 firms in Ireland employed twice as many solicitors at the start of 2020 than in 2007. Comparing figures from 2020 to those of 2014, there was an increase of  around 12 per cent in the number of practising solicitors based in Dublin and a 6.5 per cent decrease in those based in other parts of the country. Solicitors who had immigrated to the London market or USA are now returning home to take advantage of Ireland's legal market. 


Female solicitors are now outnumbering male solicitors practising in Ireland. We have noticed a huge amount of movement for better benefits in the market place with a close focus on maternity benefits and return to work programs being introduced. As the market is now becoming very candidate driven, firms have to step up their game to hold on to staff as the benefits on offer in the current market are superseding anything that we have seen in the past. 

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