Approximately 28,000 people were employed in the insurance sector in Ireland. Over half are employed directly by insurance companies and the remainder employed by organisations directly related to the industry such as insurance broking, loss adjusting, loss assessing, actuarial consultancy, risk management, captive management and outsource services providers.
Ireland continued to see an upturn in the insurance industry during 2015. With increasing budgets and confidence in the global market this trend is set to continue into 2016. However this has created a talent shortage as there has been no significant increase in the number of qualified insurance professionals.This has had an overall effect of making the Irish insurance industry into a very candidate led market. 

To enable Insurance businesses to attract, and more importantly secure, the best possible individuals, organisations need to act efficiently and have to reduce the time from initial identification of requirement, to interview, to offer and acceptance.  

Talent in the Irish market is generally highly qualified. With the Central Bank of Ireland’s minimum competency code, companies are now insisting that individuals will need to have achieved a minimum level of professional competency (APA or CIP qualification) in order to be considered for a new position.

Increasingly, as the market for talent becomes more competitive, more Insurance professionals are continuing on to advanced qualifications such as the DLDU, MDI, ACII and FCII.

We partner with a range of clients in the insurance & reinsurance industry.  We have a history of providing permanent, temporary and contract staff from trainee through all levels to the boardroom.

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