Due to the improved performance of the Irish economy, the number of sales professionals on the Irish market has increased significantly in the last year and is expected to maintain its growth. New organisations have entered the market along with expansion from incumbent businesses’ leading to increased competition. Most companies are looking not only to consolidate current business but pursue new channels for increased sales. As a result experienced and talented sales professionals in all industries are once again invaluable to their organisations.   

The software sales industry has seen a major upturn with more progress being made in the last year. Cloud computing has found a home in Ireland as a base for the EMEA market. This has given sales individuals more opportunities than previously expected as companies compete in an ever expanding industry. The roles tend to be quite varied as companies search for Inside Sales, Lead Generation Specialists and Business Development Managers. There has also been a noteworthy increase in the demand for Field Sales professionals throughout Ireland. 

Recent trends have shown companies are willing to pay competitive base salaries and commission is uncapped. This is to give employees a further incentive to explore new verticals for business development. As a result it has become a very candidate led market as employers are willing to pay for exceptional staff. Experience is a very valuable commodity and candidates are being judged on what they can offer the company.