Staff Testimonials & Career Development

Careers with Purpose 2

At ManpowerGroup, we know what it takes to build talent. Not just for our clients and associates, but for our colleagues too. We recognise your individuality, understanding that your career path is unique to you and driven by where you’ve been, who you are and where you want to go. We are committed to helping you build your Career with Purpose:

  • We train our managers to have regular, honest and meaningful career conversations with you.

  • We encourage you to reflect on and define your career goals using assessments, feedback and other tools designed to guide self-discovery

  • We offer unique experiences across our strong and connected brands with opportunities to transfer in pursuit of different challenges and skills

  • That’s our promise to you – to help you discover your personal best through the support, tools and experiences we offer.


Here are some Testimonials from current employees of the business as they discuss their career journeys at ManpowerGroup Ireland.


Michelle Nolan, Account Manager, joined July 2019.

I joined ManpowerGroup just under 3 years ago. Joining Manpower with a HR background, I have had the opportunity not only to expand on my HR knowledge but to also gained fantastic exposure in other areas such as operations and team Management. I have found Manpower to be supportive of my career goals, friendly, approachable and professional. I enjoy working for ManpowerGroup and would highly recommend to any friends or colleagues.


Breda Connell, HR Team Lead, Joined April 2019

I am just under 3 years working with Manpower Group and throughout that time I have received great exposure to the vast world of HR.  I have been provided with the opportunity to grow and develop within the company and the support and encouragement I have received from my colleagues and the business as a whole has been amazing.  Joining Manpower has given me the opportunity to work with some amazing people globally and I look forward to expanding my network and continuing to grow within the company.  I would highly recommend ManpowerGroup as a fantastic place to work.


Paul Howard, Marketing Manager, Joined February 2020

“I joined ManpowerGroup Ireland just before the great Covid lockdown of 2020. Luckily enough I had a few weeks to get to know many of my colleagues before the remote working arrangements kicked in. In my time at ManpowerGroup I have found the company to be very friendly, professional, engaging and rewarding. The business operates at both a local and global scale which means the workflow is varied and thought provoking. The business have very good staff friendly initiatives such as wellness days, additional leave for years of service, wellness initiatives, etc. Also the role involves cross department engagement with colleagues which is always great as it gives different perspectives on everyday tasks. I would highly recommend ManpowerGroup to any colleagues interested in a role in professional services”.

developing our people

Here at ManpowerGroup Ireland we invest in training and development and tailor it to your individual needs. It starts with a Personal Development Plan (PDP). Your PDP will be unique to you, and will identify and record the development you need to realise your full potential, but it doesn’t stop there. We offer a range of development programmes to help you meet you career aspirations.  These include:


Recruitment Consultant Development Programmes

  • All our consultants are given the opportunity to take the NRF Certificate in Recruitment. So if you are new to the industry this programme will help develop your recruitment skills and for those of you with experience it will help you build on your already existing knowledge.


  • We also offer Sector Specific Development Programmes which would be built around the area you’re working in and your level of skill and knowledge. This can range from assigning you relevant courses from our online training and development portal to attending specific external training providers.


  • Our PowerYou training platform enables you to access over 4000 online courses. This will allow you to upskill or re-train throughout your career at Manpower Ireland. You may choose to master the latest desktop software or maybe even improve your negotiation skills, whatever area you would like to learn more about, our online training portal will have it! 


  • In addition to Local and Individual Development we also participate in International Leadership Development Programmes within ManpowerGroup.


Management Development Programmes

Accredited by the Institute of Leadership Management, our Management Development Centre is crafted to develop you into a business leader of tomorrow. We provide access to courses and continued learning opportunities to help you develop the skills necessary to advance your career.

We strongly believe in a culture of continuous learning and encourage our managers of tomorrow to start developing new skills today.