There are approximately 75,000 engineering professionals in Ireland.

There is a growing demand for qualified engineers in Ireland, with a focus on process engineering, production engineering and automation engineering. This is due to the increased growth in the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors throughout 2020

There has also been an upturn in the construction industry with companies growing their operations. This has subsequently led to an increased demand for skills in this sector.

2019 was an extremely positive year for the pharmaceutical, life science and manufacturing sectors with a number of new set ups, mergers, acquisitions and expansions announced throughout the year. This led to an increased demand for engineers across multiple sectors such as quality, manufacturing, design and R&D. 

Professionals looking to relocate back to Ireland from abroad to take up new opportunities in the engineering sector which shows real confidence in the market. As a result of this we have seen many companies introducing relocation benefits into their overall package in order to attract the best of the returning talent.